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Firefox's new invention that has been keenly anticipated by all web designers throughout the world is Border Radius. There is no need of complicated structures that use corner graphics or JavaScript to come out with designs of rounded corners. Firefox will support such properties while you're other browsers like Internet Explorer or Opera won't be of much help here.

What is Border Radius?

One of the CCs properties that relates to padding, borders and margins, it copromises of four different properties, i.e. one for shorthand property and one for every corner of the box element. This border radius function of the net will be accepting up to 2 values at the most, however this is using alternative browsers, but exhibition stand designers are able to take up to 8 of these values utilising Firefox 3.5. The rounded corner property in the latest Firefox syntax permits one to establish four individual elliptical or round corners.

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Using the Firefox feature

The basic settings can only work in the latest Firefox version because the previous versions do not support the rounded corners feature. You may use the elliptical corner feature for other versions and they can be used for HTML and other elements as well.

Additional features that come along with the border radius are that these rounded corners can be very helpful if you use them as different designs or animations. The different types of shapes can look quite stylish once you install it in your latest Firefox version too. The best part about this feature is that you don't require JavaScript enabling procedure here so a lot of time can be saved here.

Getting started

First of all, you should have a clear understanding about the operation of the latest version that you will be downloading. You could opt for Webkit or Firefox as both of them support the rounded corners feature. You can visit the official Firefox website and download the latest version that supports the rounded corners feature. Next, once you have downloaded the version you can mention it in your HTML writing in the area. You can do all this without your JavaScript being enabled. This feature also allows you to know whether your current browser supports it or no. once you add the border radius feature you can add fancy designs and fonts to the page to make it look more attractive.

There will be many additional features which won't require JavaScript to continue. You should prefer Firefox as your main browser after enabling the border radius since most of the other features will not be supported by your WebKit browser.

Web designers want to make their websites look smooth and beautiful. Using vector graphics like the border radius can prove to be really amazing if you understand how to use it. Tutorials are available online in case you get stuck anywhere in the middle. Rounded corners and edges can look really slick once a designer manages to get familiar with it. Adding images to it is also easy provided you are familiar with the operation of Photoshop and its techniques.